Life Is Sweet movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
Wendy (Alison Steadman) and her husband Andy (Jim Broadbent) have been married for many years, and they have two daughters, Natalie (Claire Skinner) and Nicky. Gula (Jane Horrocks Jane Horrocks). Wendy is virtuous and manages the affairs of the family, large and small, while Andy works hard and hopes to be able to stand on his own one day.
Natalie is a plumber, with a cheerful personality, she yearns for a free and unrestrained life and likes to spend time with friends. However, Nicola is the opposite. She is neurotic and not only nervous all day, but also suffers from Anorexia. The relationship between Nikolai and her boyfriend had a crack, which brought Nikolay's spirit to the brink of collapse. At the same time, Andy was seriously injured in an accident, and the burden of the whole family fell on Wendy. and Natalie's shoulders. 
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  • Llewellyn 2022-04-08 08:01:02

    It still feels a little bit worse. The car is very beautiful, but unfortunately it has no role in it. After watching this movie, you can understand why life is sweet. Because Forrest Gump said: life is like a box of chocolates. It is estimated that some people have a shadow on chocolate after reading it.

  • Kacie 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Why does everyone sound so weird.

Life Is Sweet quotes

  • Patsy: [in a pub after a few beers] Far as I'm concerned, football died, the day Arsenal won the double.

    Andy: That's right, yeah.

    Patsy: What was they? Work horses.

    Andy: Boring buggers, ain't they.

    Patsy: Well the Spurs double team? They was artists.

    Andy: They was artists.

    Patsy: 21 quid a week they got. Can you imagine? What do they get today? Millions.

    Andy: And they got their back handers on top of that ain't they.

    Patsy: Poncing round the penalty area with their handbags.

    Andy: Prima donnas.

    Patsy: "Oh, he kicked a me, Ref."

    Andy: Brown, Baker, Henry,


    Andy: Blanchflower

    Patsy: Yeah, Danny boy.

    Andy: Yeah.

    Patsy: He was the architect of the modern game, y'know.

    Andy: That's right, yeah.

    Patsy: Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith, Allen,


    Patsy: Dyson.

    Andy: Yeah, come on you Spurs.

    Patsy: John White, what a player, eh.

    Andy: Yeah.

    Patsy: I used to have a little picture of him on my wall, ringed in black.

    Patsy: Tragic. What a way to go.

    Andy: Struck by lightening.

    Patsy: On a golf course.

    Andy: What a waste, eh. You want another?

  • Wendy: [to Nicola] We don't hate you! We bloody love you, you stupid girl!

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