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2022-04-14 08:01
The film depicts a Japanese social story with no trace of Iranian culture at all.  
The distinguishing feature of the film is that trivial matters are narrated according to the time logic without interruption. The time in the film is less than 24 hours. The subtle changes of each person in the plot and the display of personality are vividly and vividly. This way of shooting is very bold.  
The film is hilarious and elegant, in which the actors play the trick of love. The film will carry the role-playing to the end, with less exaggeration and more literary style. There are traces of Yasujiro Ozu's works scattered throughout the film. Although the film is not perfect in terms of reason and emotion, it still brings the audience a simple viewing experience. Abbas's graceful shots and confident editing techniques add to the film. In the film, the long shot of the main character traveling through Tokyo in a car is flashy and beautiful, and the familiar neon lights on the streets of Tokyo are reflected on the faces of the characters. Toshihiro Isomi's meticulously designed scene layout presents an illusory barley tone, while photographer Katsumi Yanagisa easily integrates darkness and irony into the brisk and lively shots  
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  • Aurelia 2022-04-14 08:01:01

    Abbas' last film, a story that takes place in 24 hours. It's not lust, it's not love, it's just a time of coexistence, but it's devoted to the most sincere feelings. Very everyday, very Japanese, very small Tsu, grandma's voice and waiting figure are really tear-jerking. Abbas shoots the common emotions of human beings - the desire to be with company, to be far away from loneliness. When he arrived in Japan, he did not feel uncomfortable at all, so he was looking forward to the love of Hangzhou, which would not start filming.

  • Hayden 2022-04-15 09:01:08

    The author's style: the use of space in the car; the first fixed-camera dual camera; multiple voiceovers; perspective shading and conversion completed with the help of external objects; the scenery flowing with the car when listening to the message. Continuing the theme of virtual and real identity, with the change of the physical scene, the transformation of the physical role is completed without leaving a trace. Identity is constructed rather than essential, so I can be anyone. Modernization is the meeting of strangers. The scene of turning off the lights is very contagious.

Like Someone in Love quotes

  • Noriaki: [subtitled version] If we're married, she has to answer me.

    Takashi: Ideally, yes. That's why I'm saying you lack experience.

  • Takashi: [subtitled version] Who said not to love her? I said not to marry her.

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