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2022-04-14 08:01
Takashi, a retired university professor who is over 80 years old, has a wealth of knowledge and a carefree diet, but aging and loneliness make him extremely unbearable., a young girl who looks very similar to his deceased wife, through a dating club , a female college student who earns tuition through assisted dating. In order to entertain the girls, Long Shi carefully prepared delicious food and wine. However, Akiko may be too tired, or she may be troubled by not being able to summon the courage to face her grandmother who suddenly came to visit from the country, and she fell asleep not long after arriving at Longshi's residence. Silent all night. In the early morning of the next day, Long Shi drove Akiko to her college class, but he bumped into the girl's boyfriend Ji Ming. Ji Ming mistook Longshi for Akiko's grandfather, and the old man dealt with it wrong, intertwined with various emotional dialogues, leading these three urbanites with a huge age gap but equally confused to an unknown direction. 
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  • Abagail 2022-04-22 07:02:00

    The first line of the film is "I'm telling the truth," but unfortunately it's a lie. This is a story about truth and lies, about ever-changing true and false identities. The girl is the person in the painting, the deceased wife, the daughter who turns into a granddaughter, the college student who is rushing to the exam and the assistant girl, and the old man is a writer and a professor. A person who is "like a river of love" is also a client of whore, and eventually becomes a grandfather. The fluidity and loneliness of the driving scene is wonderfully apt, with radio, phone bells and voicemails intertwined, and the city reflected in the windows. And the most powerful thing in the whole film is probably the like in like some one in love, the old man wandering before entering the bedroom, going around the living room and kitchen, playing with the sound and touching the tableware, is the act of a person who is in love . It's close, but it's just "as", just similar. /Probably everyone will miss grandma and grandma very much after watching this film.

  • Wade 2022-04-22 07:02:00

    The texture of the film is very soft and light, and the suspense creates a casual and heart-stringing effect. Misidentification of identity is not intentional, but stems from confusion about self-recognition. The fullness of the image comes from the narration of others, and the collection of environmental sounds such as the sound of cars, voices, and high heels always isolates you in the city. After watching Ru Mu love, I really want to shoot the story of my one-night stand.

Like Someone in Love quotes

  • Noriaki: [subtitled version] If we're married, she has to answer me.

    Takashi: Ideally, yes. That's why I'm saying you lack experience.

  • Takashi: [subtitled version] Who said not to love her? I said not to marry her.

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