Lipstick Jungle movie plot

2022-07-14 18:32
These are three golden-collar women whose careers are smooth sailing, each with different troubles in their lives. Although the three of them have an enviable and brilliant career, their respective family lives are surging. Although Wendy Healy's career is booming, her unemployed husband is always complaining. After a series of family cold wars, Wendy Healy's husband split up with her and decided to split up with her. Victory Ford has also suffered from bad luck this year. The new fashion show has attracted bad reviews from the outside world, and her partners have also taken the opportunity to dismantle the stage, putting her in a situation of embattlement on all sides. On the surface, Nico O'Neilly's life and career are peaceful. In fact, because she can't stand her husband's indifference to her, she has already deviated from the deviant behavior. The extramarital affair brought her temporary happiness, but the psychological torture made her unable to Sleep well.
Did God deliberately arrange for them to go through hardships, or are they experiencing a mid-life crisis at the same time? The three best friends can only help each other, cheer each other up, and calmly face the happiness and suffering that life has given them in the precarious situation.
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