The Banishment evaluation action

2022-07-10 17:30
Director Andrei Sagintsev's drama debut "Return" won the Golden Lion in Venice, and the world suddenly has a movie talent. The father and son of "Return" were replaced by wives and husbands at this year's Cannes. Lonely love and barriers to communication are themes that the director wants to explore, because of them, misunderstandings and tragedies occur.
The most striking thing about the film is the picture. Every stroke of nature is breathtakingly beautiful under the lens. However, it was in front of this green and vibrant picture that a tragedy happened, and the sky and grass suddenly turned yellow. In the confrontation between man and nature, the director tells the loneliness of human beings with metaphors.
It is rare for the first feature film to win the Venice Golden Lion. The difficulty that comes with it is how to get the next work to the heights people expect. That's exactly what director Andrei Sagintsev faced at Cannes this year. This time, most critics were not overwhelmed by the director's new work.
"Human": The director's control is flawless.
"Liberation Daily": After watching the film, it is difficult to say whether I like it or keep my expectations.
Le Parisien: The film has many beautiful moments, but overall, it's too long.
"Art Column": We admit that the picture is beautiful, but also need to point out that the film is unusually heavy.
Le Monde: The heavy color in the film is an important point that has been criticized by many critics, the actors only feel heavy in their symbolic shackles.
"Film Weekly": The film has a surprising academy.
The Hollywood Reporter: Fixed shots are too serious.
"Variety": The only fate waiting for "Expulsion" is to be swept out of the film festival.
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