The Banishment movie plot

2022-07-10 20:44
Alex (Konstantin Lavronanke) and his wife Vera (Maria Bonneville), with their children, arrive at the ancestral house in the countryside left by Alex's father, ready to live in the countryside. Have a vacation here.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this solitary retreat in the country is nestled between mountains and meadows. While the children are enjoying the fresh air of nature, Vera announces a surprising news to her husband inside the house: she is pregnant, but the child is not Alex's. The news is like a bolt from the blue, Alex almost collapses, and he pours out his inner pain to his trusted brother Mark. After a tough ideological struggle, Alex decides to take action, telling Vera that he wants her to abort the baby. Mark found an abortion doctor, but Vera did not escape the invitation of death. Alex, who lost his beloved wife, was almost insane. He decided to return to the city and find his wife's lover to take revenge. When the hidden secret is revealed, the audience is faced with an unexpected ending   .
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