Initial D negative review

2022-07-09 10:23
Compared with the original comics, there are several games with outstanding atmosphere that did not appear in the Movie. The lack of these various game scenes makes the Movie appear monotonous and repetitive, lacking tension and persuasion. In the understanding of "Initial D", Movie also lost its appearance. We saw a lot of pictures about Drift, but they were extremely repetitive, lacking in artistic conception, and superficial. The single setting of the characters, the superficial description of each car and each game, the insufficient rendering of the game scene and momentum, coupled with the all-encompassing but powerless plot arrangement, make it a A mediocre work that only pays attention to the picture, but can't really do it well.  
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Initial D quotes

  • Natsuki Mogi: It's most important to find a world that belongs to us. Life is meaningful only when we can find this world.

  • Itsuki Tachibana: [to himself about his dad, who left the gas station behind to look after Bunta's car] That sucks. He's not young anymore. He's so irresponsible, leaving his business like this. What's gonna happen to me if it goes bankrupt? It's good that I've been living on my own, or else, I wouldn't be this chubby.

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