Initial D positive review

2022-07-09 12:11
The footage of the mountaintop racing car is dazzling, and a large number of computer special effects are added to the film, which makes the fans' senses and visions enjoy.  
Movie basically has the feel of a comic, with full animation effects, and the electronic soundtrack and theme song are also remarkable points of the film. All in all, "Initial D" has fluent images and smooth plot development. Inheriting the characteristics of Hong Kong films, it finds a balance between the exciting and compact racing scenes and the deliberately concocted lightheartedness.  
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Initial D quotes

  • Natsuki Mogi: It's most important to find a world that belongs to us. Life is meaningful only when we can find this world.

  • Itsuki Tachibana: [to himself about his dad, who left the gas station behind to look after Bunta's car] That sucks. He's not young anymore. He's so irresponsible, leaving his business like this. What's gonna happen to me if it goes bankrupt? It's good that I've been living on my own, or else, I wouldn't be this chubby.

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