Initial D movie plot

2022-07-09 22:24
Eighteen-year-old Fujiwara Takumi tofu every day in his father Crazy Buntai's dilapidated car , but inadvertently acquires a superb Drift technique. Having no interest in cars, he was instigated by his father to participate in mountain road races and challenged the famous racing team with an old car delivered on weekdays. The result seems to have been decided. Unexpectedly , Fujiwara Takumi won under the consternation of everyone, became famous overnight, and inspired his inherited racing desire, constantly facing a series of thrilling challenges!
In the early morning on the mountain of autumn in Japan , a Toyota-produced used car AE86 galloped downhill gracefully, and the mysterious driver in the car drifted at a surprising speed. AE86 stopped next to the Fujiwara とうふ store , and the sleepy boy Fujiwara Takumi returned to the store and saw his father madly drunk in the hall. Fujiwara Takumi helped his father pack his things, and remembered that every morning on behalf of his father, he sent tofu to Mount Qiu Ming . The hotel, the mood is also heavy.
Amuand his father Yuichi Tachibanaopen a gas station, and Fujiwara Takumi will come to work part-time after school. なかざとたけし came to the gas station and challenged Amu's team, but Amu fought hard. That night,なかざとたけしcame across the mysterious AE86 while practicing on the mountain road , and was easily defeated by the opponent. なかざとたけしandたかはしりょうすけ asked Amu about the AE86 , and Amu and his son knew that the car was owned by Crazy Wentai .
Amu asked Crazy Wentai to fightなかざとたけし, Crazy Wentai heard the power of Nissan GT-R and was a little moved. たかはしりょうすけandなかざとたけしappeared in the tofu shop. It turned out that the two found out that Crazy Wentai was the legendary car god of the year, and sent a gamble to Crazy Wentai . Challenge night, AE86 up the mountain. Amu was shocked when he saw that the visitor was actually Fujiwara Takumi ! On the mountain road, the AE86 fought the Nissan GT-R again , and Fujiwara Takumi used the ditch cornering technique to defeat it. たかはしりょうすけis even more surprised that Fujiwara Takumi 's racing skills are all based on feeling and have no knowledge at all. Amu and Takumi are challenged byいわきせいじFujiwara Takumi narrowly wonいわきせいじ, but was then challenged by Seiji's friendすどうきょういち revenge. Under Fujiwara Takumi 's fierce battle, the AE86 surpassed the limit of the mechanism and the engine failed. At the same time, Amu witnesses Fujiwara Takumi 's girlfriend Motegi Motegiwalking out of the hotel with a man. How does Fujiwara Takumi face the challenges of faith, friendship and love at the same time?   
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Initial D quotes

  • [after a car bumps into Itsuki's AE86 from behind while Itsuki learns how to drift]

    Itsuki Tachibana: Why is it kissing my ass?

  • Bunta Fujiwara: It's so nice having a woman in the house.

    [referring to Natsuki]

    Bunta Fujiwara: Oh... and in such a short skirt! If only it were two inches shorter...

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