The Cake Eaters movie plot

2022-07-12 15:19
The Cake Eaters, a strange farm town, is home to the Kimbrough family. Easy is the head of the family and a butcher. He is grieving for his wife who passed away from cancer not long ago. mistress.
Beagle, his youngest son, has been taking care of his sick mother and working in the school cafeteria during the day, so he can only vent his enthusiasm through street graffiti. Easy's eldest son Guy has been away from home for many years and went to New York to pursue his rock and roll dream, but he didn't know his mother had passed away until he got home, and even the funeral was over.
Beagle loves Georgia Kaminski, a girl with Fleetley's disease, and Georgia has always wanted to experience love while she has the chance; at this time, Beagle discovers that Georgia 's eccentric grandmother is Easy's long -time friend. Affair 's partner, Guy even discovered that his high school sweetheart Stephanie has long been through love and is married and has children.
How do these two families face their grief and start over? 
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The Cake Eaters quotes

  • Easy: It was a real simple ceremony. We tried to call you in New York. Your number didn't work. We couldn't get a hold of you. I'm sorry, bud.

  • Marg: Hey Ease, I want to ask you something. Did you notice anything funny about the way your son was looking at my Georgia today?

    Easy: Beagle? Oh, no m'am, that's just Beagle. He has absolutely no game in that area, trust me.

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