cake eater

Tiara 2022-07-12 18:28:33

Ordinary stories of ordinary and even flawed people in the small town, ordinary but not ordinary, inexplicably moved, perhaps moved by the love and tolerance between the characters. Also, when the camera cuts to the scene of the poster, seeing the open arms trembling in the wind, the girl's head slowly lifts up, she is very moved. It's good to be simple and thorough, because not every attempt will have a result for granted, but it is very real. Twilight Girl's innate sense of restraint is quite suitable for this role. I still like the warmth of reality.

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The Cake Eaters quotes

  • Stephanie: Hey gorgeous. Alright, so what are we going to do today, trim the ends, keep the length?

    Georgia: I want something radical. Sexy.

    Stephanie: Well I can do radical sexy. What's the special occasion?

    Georgia: I have a date.

    Stephanie: You have a date? Sweetie that is so great! Is he cute?

    Georgia: Yeah. He's interesting.

    Stephanie: Interesting. Is it love?

    Georgia: I'm not really looking to fall in love right now.

    Stephanie: Why not? There's nothing like your first love. Trust me.

    Georgia: I just want to see what it's like.

    Stephanie: What are we talking about here?

    Georgia: I gonna lose it.

    Stephanie: You wanna lose... it.

    Stephanie: Honey,that uh, thats, that is something serious, you know. I mean you only get one chance at your first time. It should be with someone you're crazy in love with you know 'cause you're gonna remember it the rest of your life. You should wait.

    Georgia: I don't really have a lot of time to wait.

  • Marg: Hello rock star.

    Georgia: You like it?

    Marg: Your mama's gonna kill me.