Mad Money movie plot

2022-03-24 08:01
Bridget, who has been a full-time wife for many years, seems to have never imagined that her rich and worry-free life would be gone forever after her hapless husband Don Cardigan lost his job. Moreover, growing children also need a stable income to continue to maintain their indispensable living needs. But losing the superior living conditions of the past and turning to be a proletarian who has to go out to work to make a living is simply unacceptable to Brigitte. But in the face of the cruel reality, we can only endure and accept it. After years of being a housewife, Brigitte had lost all her job skills, and now, with the help of a friend, she could only do something simple: a janitor, or a building manager. However, to the surprise of the housewife, she was working at the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, where hundreds of millions of dollars in cash flow in and out all the time.
After a few days of rough work, Brigitte, who couldn't bear the guilt, suddenly came up with a huge fortune coup: stealing a huge amount of cash in the Federal Reserve Bank. Because, after careful observation and thought, Bridget found that the tight security measures in what is called the largest cash vault in the United States are not impeccable. It is completely possible to deceive the surveillance cameras in the bank building through careful planning and various superb methods, and successfully transport a large number of dollars out of the Federal Reserve like picking up and transporting garbage every day. But such an earth-shattering plan was obviously impossible to accomplish with her own hands.
So, the old woman began to find like-minded assistants to help. The first is Nina Brewster, a single mother who is also struggling financially but still has two children to support; the second is Jackie, another "young proletarian" introduced by Nina, who is out of possession of a car. There is nothing but a broken car that can only open the door with his feet. In this way, Brigitte, a scheming old housewife, Nina, a single mother who has the means and courage, and Jackie, a young woman with unlimited passion and no consideration, successfully formed the "Three Gold Stealing Group".
After some planning, the three successfully infiltrated the inside of the Federal Reserve Bank and successfully got piles of dollars into their homes as garbage haulers. The impoverished Brigitte finally couldn't help but use the stolen money to add a huge bean-like diamond ring to her empty fingers. Nina and Jackie also carefully calculated how the "God-sent" wealth should be. splurge. But what the three people never expected was that their theft process had been recorded on the monitor of the Federal Reserve Bank   .
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  • Jean 2022-03-24 09:03:54

    A very good film. Worth a lot of people laughing together. Also, money is everything!

  • Joannie 2022-03-24 08:01:05

    Brigitte's husband, Don, failed in her business and did not find a job. She was helpless in her old age and went to the Federal Reserve Bank to do cleaning, where a large number of old banknotes were destroyed every day. So, Nina, a single mother who works in the shredder and has two school-going sons, and Jackie, another money carrier, are persuaded to steal old banknotes together. Brigitte first buys a lock of the same style online, then replaces the lock while cleaning the empty cash trolley and informs Jackie of the number; Jackie pulls the cart full of old bills away and turns her back to the camera at the elevator entrance Unlocking and stealing the old banknotes and throwing them into the trash can, Nina picked up the original lock of the car from the trash can in the bathroom and changed it back when the banknotes were broken; Brie took the garbage bag containing the old banknotes while cleaning, and the last three people Steal the old bill tucked panties. After 6 months, she still didn't give up. Nina lost the key by mistake and was seen by the security guard Barry. Fortunately, she liked Nina and concealed it and was drawn into the gang. After that, he was targeted by federal bank investigators but did not know the number of thefts. After destroying the hidden money, Jackie and her boyfriends Bob and Tang were arrested. Brie asked a lawyer for help. Had to release, and a lot of money was hidden in Junior's bar by Bree

Mad Money quotes

  • Nina Brewster: I'm a single mother, if anything happens, I lose my kids.

  • Nina Brewster: You spent the money!

    Bridget Cardigan: What're you talking about?

    Nina Brewster: [pulls off Bridget's glove revealing a $62,000 ring] This.

    Bridget Cardigan: It's nothing, it's costume jewelry, it's not even real.

    Nina Brewster: Really?

    Bridget Cardigan: Yes.

    Nina Brewster: Good!

    [flushes it down the toilet]

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