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2022-03-24 08:01
The film will be a real leap on the road of Xingye's comedy. While sticking to the original "nonsensical" style, Xingye tried to change into another family coat, so that all the audience would be willing to be led by the nose of the virtual puppy. The hardest thing to do is a comedy that makes people cry. This time, Stephen Chow did it, and he is one step closer to the comedy master.  
In the past, Stephen Chow's movies were more of a boy's dream who refused to grow up. This time he finally had the courage to face the father-son relationship that he had never dared to touch and try the role of a father. This shows that Stephen Chow has matured mentally and has finally transformed from a boy to a father. If the audience is not used to his transformation, it must be because the audience refuses to grow up in their hearts.  
In the past, Stephen Chow's comedies were laughter and tears, and the tone was darker. It can be seen that he was actually disappointed with the world. Everyone in "Chang Jiang Qi Hao" is kind, there is no real bad guy, it is warm and inspirational, more like a Disney cartoon, but not as profound as Stephen Chow's previous movies.  
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    Dicky: I'm so lucky to have you, CJ7. Every day while you sleep, I close my eyes and count to three, hoping that when I look again, you'll wake. I so much want you back. Where are you, CJ7? One, two, three...

  • Dicky: Miss Yuen, bitterness, like the sea, is boundless.

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