CJ7 movie plot

2022-03-24 08:01
Zhou Tieis a destitute father who lives with his son Zhou Xiaodiin a dilapidated house on the side of Ningbo Dama Road. In order to let his son live a good life, Zhou Tie was forced to work at a construction site, but he was treated tragically by "migrant workers owed wages", and was chased and beaten by the foreman for "disturbing". Zhou Tie couldn't afford to buy a toy worth hundreds of yuan for his son, but he couldn't bear to give it up. By coincidence, he found a stuffed toy dog ​​in the garbage heap, so Zhou Tie took the toy home and gave it as a gift son Xiao Di.
One day, Xiao Di accidentally discovered that his father gave him a stuffed toy dog, an elf guest from an alien planet. Xiao Di named the alien dog "Chang Jiang Qi Hao", hoping that "Chang Jiang Qi Hao" could have special functions and help him change the status quo.
A miracle happened when Zhou Tie and his son tried to abandon "Chang Jiang Qi Hao", which was indistinguishable from ordinary pet dogs. "Chang Jiang Qi Hao" began to change the lives of Zhou Tie and his son, and made all those who looked down on Zhou Tie and bullied Zhou Tie to treat him differently. Not only that, when Zhou Tie fell to his death due to high-altitude work at the construction site, the light from "Chang Jiang Qi Hao" from the tentacles above his head gave Zhou Tie a second life. Zhou Tie was saved, but "Chang Jiang Qi Hao" slowly fell down, with his boundless nostalgia for Xiao Di and the world, and gradually closed his eyes. 
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  • Jaiden 2022-03-31 09:01:09

    Innocence and childlike innocence are forever in a nonsensical film that can dilute the sadness of adult thinking, but why does it make me tear up, is it fragility, loneliness or memory?

  • Merl 2022-04-23 07:05:38

    Like Mengmeng Da Qizai

CJ7 quotes

  • [first lines]

    Dicky: Good morning, sir.

    Mr. Cao: Dicky Chow! Just look at yourself. You're covered in dirt.

    Dicky: [stepping forward] I just...

    Mr. Cao: [stepping back] Don't move. And don't give me the usual routine. Why are you always so untidy?

    Miss Yuen: What's the matter, Mr. Cao?

    Mr. Cao: [to Dicky] Explain yourself!

    Miss Yuen: Let me talk to him. Where did the dirt come from, Dicky?

    Dicky: Well, on my way to school, I slipped and fell over.

    Miss Yuen: Don't your mom or dad bring you to school?

    Dicky: My mom died a long time ago, and my dad's very busy.

    Miss Yuen: What does you dad do?

    Dicky: He's a coolie.

    Miss Yuen: I'd like to meet him one day. Would that be possible?

    Dicky: I don't think he has the time.

    Miss Yuen: When he's available, then. Will you let me know? Go clean up before class starts.

    Dicky: Thanks Miss Yuen.

    [runs off]

  • Dicky: It's not easy to win a girl over, but dad won't give up. He's my hero.

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