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2022-07-20 18:45
"Lizzie" is a film that takes its subject matter very seriously, despite the nasty nature of the story, which does all the obscenity, rumors, power struggles and possessions. But it's hot in some ways. The music design in the movie is also very good because the house itself is a character in the story. The film also delves into the psychology behind a gruesome murder.  
Actor Chloë Stevens Sevigny in "Lizzie" shows great restraint, portraying Lizzie as a strong and repressed young woman driven into darkness by her desire for revenge and the promise of a rich inheritance. She's matched by Kristen Stewart, who brings tense energy to the character while subtly using a wealth of emotional depth. Her performance is the saving grace of the film, which, while certainly not lacking in drama, seems to focus more on the scandal than on getting to the center of the characters.  
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Lizzie quotes

  • Andrew Borden: This attachment you've formed is unhealthy, and it must end.

    Andrew Borden: Please don't force me to put it any more bluntly than that.

    Lizzie Borden: Say exactly what you mean.

    Lizzie Borden: I wanna hear you say it.

    Andrew Borden: You're an abomination, Lizzie.

    Lizzie Borden: And at last, we are on equal footing, father.

  • Abby Borden: It really is difficult to harbor sympathy for someone

    Abby Borden: who will not make even the slightest effort to help herself.

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