How much love are you willing to lift the axe down for the future of two people?

Blaise 2022-07-20 19:52:19

From the point of view of finding the truth, this is a rather fascinating case, with a lot of suspense and doubts that need to be resolved. As an audience, it is difficult to refuse to open this movie. The film's photography and dubbing are quite satisfactory, but the plot design is a bit flawed.

The character's actions are determined by her desires and emotions.

The love line between Miss Lizzie and Bridget should be the emotional focus of the whole film, but the obviously interesting same-sex emotional line has developed too bluntly, the process is relatively rough, and it is not deep and delicate enough. Bridget came to Lizzie's house to work as a maid, Lizzie taught Bridget to read and write, and then the two began to pass small notes, and then the news of Bridget's mother's death made the fragile and humble Bridget fall into Lizzie's arms, but just hugging is not enough to start anything. Love will make people who fall in love think day and night at an early stage. This is the basic feature of love. At the same time, fantasy and possession of the other's body is also the key point that distinguishes love from friendship. Without any foreshadowing, the film let the two perform a passionate performance in the barn. I have to say that the director and screenwriter's understanding of love is too simplistic, resulting in the subsequent terrorist murders, as well as the trial process of the case, the mutual protection of the two women, and the lack of a convincing emotional foundation.

There should be many opportunities to get along privately between the maid and the young lady. The details of this in the Korean movie "Miss" are handled ingeniously. If the script of this film is changed to two people who are deeply attached to each other and guess the truth for each other, fear and love are intertwined and developed at the same time, then the play will be much better. Miss Lizzie should be a ruthless character with few words, and the arrival of Bridget has become a sunshine for Lizzie. Lizzie was threatened by her father and uncle, including her father's indecent assault on Bridget, so that Lizzie planned this big event. property and get the freedom to meet the perfect world she wants to be with Bridget. This is exactly what Bridget said when he went to visit Lizzie in the cell during the trial stage of the case: what do you want? Lizzie: I want us, give it a try. Bridget: We live in this world, not another ideal world. Obviously Lizzie is a breaker of the old world or the real world. If she wants to build a new and beautiful world, she must choose a cruel method to destroy those who block her new world.

When Miss Lizzie picked up the axe and hit her stepmother's head, the camera was too close and too straightforward to create the cruelty of onlookers, nor to bring the audience into the vivid horror scene like a thriller type film. This kind of processing fails when it comes to making the audience feel immersed. Because of Bridget's cowardice, she was originally responsible for the task of cutting off Lizzie's father, but it was turned to Miss Lizzie herself again. His father was a man, and he had a chance to run away. Even if he was afraid of the axe, he still had a chance to struggle. When a man fights against a woman, it is not so easy for a man to stand on the inferior side, especially in this contest of raw power, men have an advantage. I don’t know why the screenwriter and director let such a big man sit there and wait. A woman came and chopped him, and then screamed like a weakling. Therefore, the scene of Lizzie killing her father should have been designed more ingeniously, in order to show the cruelty and cunning of the protagonist, and the beautiful and ruthless character setting, which is more attractive.

It was an adaptation and then remake of the film many times, and the news coverage of the true events caused a huge stir at the time. As a viewer, I'm curious to know how Miss Lizzie got her plans off the ground and was successfully exonerated.

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