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2022-07-20 14:04
, the suspect in the 1892 terrorist axe murder case in Massachusetts , the dead are Lizzie's father Andrew and stepmother Abby.
Lizzie is still unmarried at the age of thirty-two. She lives with her father and stepmother. She has almost no friends. She can read poems to pigeons. Her only entertainment is going to the opera house. She is often subjected to verbal violence and threats from her father on weekdays. When Lizzie learned that her father wanted to send her away and intended to assign the inheritance left to her to her uncle, Lizzie felt a greater sense of crisis. The housemaid, Brecht, gives her some comfort, but her father's bullying of Brecht also deepens Lizzie's hatred for her father. So, Lizzie carefully arranged the murder. Lizzie Bolton hacked her sleeping stepmother to death with an axe and then killed her father when she got home. After the police investigated the case, an all-male jury finally found the delicate and beautiful Lizzie not guilty. The jury did not believe that a woman of Lizzie's status would commit such a heinous crime   .
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Lizzie quotes

  • Emma Borden: Andrew Jennings is father's attorney, and he knows nothing of a will.

    John Morse: There must be another attorney. An estate attorney.

    Emma Borden: Well, I find that hard to imagine. You knew father.

    Emma Borden: Probably thought he'd live forever.

    Emma Borden: I suppose that's a mistake we all make now, isn't it?

  • John Morse: I'm going to find that will.

    John Morse: And you're gonna get nothing.

    Lizzie Borden: But I already have it all.

    Lizzie Borden: And money can buy many things, John.

    Lizzie Borden: As you know, a hungry man is capable of anything.

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