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2022-07-18 21:56
"Seberg" is still the kind of precision that is not entirely unmistakable by broad historical facts. Director Benedict Andrews and screenwriters Joe Shrepnell and Anna Waterhouse sometimes struggled to connect the storyline with those grand emotions that captured the audience's attention. The film's narrative structure is stacked step-by-step, advancing the story in a sometimes protracted way. The film seems to focus too much on the connection between the storylines rather than the characters. The photographer and art director make the world appear bigger than it really is. What makes the film really stand out and admired is Kristen Stewart's stellar performance. Kristen Stewart's performance captures the vulnerable side of Seberg's psyche without letting go of the energy and uncanny charm that emanates from him. It's a multi-layered performance, perfect for such a complex and troubled female figure   .
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  • Jean Seberg: This country is at war with itself.

  • Hakim Jamal: One mind at a time.If you can change one mind,you can change the world.Education creates understanding.Understanding creates love,love creates patience,and patience creates unity.But education costs money.

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