Goodbye Berlin evaluation action

2022-07-20 19:52
The characters of the film are constructed according to the template of a road film, because the two protagonists are teenagers and the theme is about growth, so there are no stimulating elements. , or learn how to use a watch as a compass to tell the direction of interesting and practical cold knowledge paragraphs. Abandoning the habitual visual spectacle, returning to the heart, and impressing the audience with emotional resonance, the design of the film can be called a clear stream. Behind the laughter and the situation created by the film, every episode is actually helping Mike to grow into a man little by little. This meticulous arrangement of point-to-point also ensures the film's shape and spirit, and consolidates its elegant quality.   .
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Goodbye Berlin quotes

  • Maik Klingenberg: Did you steal that car?

    Tschick: No, just borrowed it. I'll put it back later. Lada Niva, runs on diesel.

    Maik Klingenberg: What about fingerprints?

    Tschick: That's TV bullshit. Go ahead, touch anything.

    Maik Klingenberg: You want to go to jail?

    Tschick: I'm only 14, man. Criminal accountability starts at 15. Come on, Maik, let's go for a spin!

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