Goodbye Berlin movie plot

2022-07-20 17:47
Mikeis an introverted, introverted boy. He has a crush on the goddess Taganain his class , but is tragically ignored and does not get an invitation to the other party's birthday party. Goodbye Berlin, a transfer student, who takes vodka to class and easily gets the highest score in math in his class, is also not invited by Tagana because of his eccentric behavior. The neglect of the goddess made them look at each other, and the two teamed up and started an unforgettable self-driving journey   .
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Goodbye Berlin quotes

  • Maik Klingenberg: Did you steal that car?

    Tschick: No, just borrowed it. I'll put it back later. Lada Niva, runs on diesel.

    Maik Klingenberg: What about fingerprints?

    Tschick: That's TV bullshit. Go ahead, touch anything.

    Maik Klingenberg: You want to go to jail?

    Tschick: I'm only 14, man. Criminal accountability starts at 15. Come on, Maik, let's go for a spin!

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