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2022-07-19 22:03
The show's protagonist is Elliot, a young programmer with antisocial disorder and schizophrenia whose only way to communicate with people is to hack into their electronic devices and online accounts. Another part of his self-awareness, Mr. Robot, incited him to lead his hacker team to launch a cyber attack on the E-Corp company that dominates the world economy. In the eyes of this group of people, it looks like a great revolution. However, after the revolution, the people with full loan records did not revel for too long. Chaos was growing, the world economy was paralyzed, and a bigger virus was quietly running in society.
Highlights this season:
The Five/nine incident has changed the world, Elliot is hiding; Angela finds new value in Evil Corp; and fsociety is running a malicious payload. Cristofer will reprise his role as villainous boss Phillip Price, while Corneliussen will return to the role of the witty and ambitious Joanna Wellick. Joey Bada$$ will play Leon, Elliot's neighbor and new friend, who often comes to Elliot to talk, give him advice and discuss the philosophical meaning of life. Conroy plays Derek, a young, attractive man who enters Joanna's life, and their intimate demeanor makes Derek fall in love with the Danish beauty. 
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eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc quotes

  • Elliot Alderson: Hello again, yes im talking to you this time. I'm sure you

    Elliot Alderson: want to hear what I told Krista back there. But i'm not ready to trust you yet.

    Elliot Alderson: Not after what you did, you kept things from me and I don't know if i can tell

    Elliot Alderson: you secrets like before, friends are supposed to be honest with each other,

    Elliot Alderson: and you wern't; it's gonna take a while to rebuild this relatio...

  • Mr. Robot: [about Gideon] Now he's doing what all small animals do when they're scared, pretend they're bigger and scarier.

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