Mahabharat movie plot

2022-07-17 19:35
The story begins with the Bharat descendant, King Fushen of Elephant City. King Fushen fell in love with the fisherwoman Zhenxin, and the prince Tian vowed to give up the throne for his father's happiness. After Zhenxin's son Qiwu died violently, Zhenxin found Guangbo Immortal, his illegitimate son before marriage, and gave birth to Chiguo and Pandu with Qiwu's two widows. Chiguo was born blind and was succeeded by Pandu. Later, because of the curse in his body, he gave way to Chiguo and went to the forest to practice ascetic. Chiguo married Gandari and gave birth to a hundred sons; Pandu married Gonti and Madeli, but because of the curse, he could not have sex with the woman, so his wife used a spell to summon the gods and gave birth to five sons for him. The hundred sons of Chiguo are called the Kuru tribe, and the five sons of Pandu are the Pandu tribe.
The story after that revolves around the struggle for the throne between the Kuru and the Pandu. The plot is based on the epic "महाभारत Mahabharat". For details, please refer to the introduction of the ancient Indian epic महाभारत Mahabharat (Volume 1-6) .
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