The Mysteries of Laura movie plot

2022-10-25 23:14
Laura Diamond is a smart NYPD homicide detective who is as busy during the day as the protagonist of the TV series "Columbo" and goes home at night to deal with maddening family matters- Especially those twin sons who gave her headaches and her soon-to-be "ex-husband" husband Jake (who also happens to be a police officer). Jake said nothing and refused to sign the Divorce Agreement , and Laura was helpless. Despite the final divorce, Jack still clings to Laura.
Finding the balance between "cleaning up the kids' mess" and "cleaning up the streets" isn't easy, and she's probably the first of all to admit that she's "a mess" at times. Through her perspective, the play uses a witty and humorous approach to describe the various troubles a contemporary "working mom" has to face. With the help of a sexy and empathetic partner, Laura magically manages everything well, but a complication arises that she didn't expect. Funny enough, her husband turns out to be her The immediate boss in the police station.
For Laura, every day is like walking a tightrope in the sky, and maybe one day she will fall! 
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