Major Crimes movie plot

2022-04-01 08:01
Unlike their former "boss", Raydor tends to use a "team-centered management by objectives" model, sharing responsibilities and honors and disgrace with her subordinates? As the saying goes, "Blessed and difficult are the same. when". But Raydor must first establish his own prestige in the team, to make all the detectives trust her and be 100% convinced of her, this is by no means easy! But Raydor's hard work was not in vain, her hard work was praised by her subordinates, and they also had a comprehensive understanding of her abilities?? Although they still couldn't forget her history in the Internal Affairs Bureau. Just imagine that she once suspected all of them and their former "boss" as prisoners, how could they forgive her so easily? Provenza is especially dissatisfied with Raydor, because he always thinks that Raydor is a layman in criminal investigation work, at least not as much as he knows?? How can a woman who does not understand anything have the right to issue orders to him? GW Bailey (Provenza), Tony Denison (Andy Flynn), Michael Paul Chan (Tao), Raymond Cruz (Julio Sanchez), and Phillip P. Keene (Buzz Watson) from Terminator will return to the show, playing them original role. Robert Gossett and Jon Tenney will guest perform. The content, format of the show and Crime Stoppers"There is no essential difference, but there is still a difference in the case handling styles of Raydor and Brenda Leigh Johnson. Brenda uses various methods to lure suspects into confessing, and she doesn't care about the rest; while Raydor tends to collect enough evidence to force suspects to confess guilt, thus saving the judicial system time and money, and avoiding annoying and lengthy appeal processes . In the first episode, Brenda Lee Johnson was missed by all of the detectives in the major crime team, and the new "boss" Sharon Raydor's style of behavior made them difficult to adjust for a while - everyone knows that the transition will be long and difficult. However, before they had enough time to adjust, new cases occurred. A robbery at a grocery store quickly escalates into a murder. Veteran and undercover detective Amy Sykes (Kearran Giovanni) was instrumental in solving the case, and Raydor appreciates her and decides to transfer her to the Major Crimes Unit. Meanwhile, Raydor decides to do whatever is necessary to protect runaway teenager Rusty Beck (Graham Patrick Martin)   .
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  • Mackenzie 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    The first season is always wonderful, the setting of the whole drama is very obvious, that is, solving the case and adding warmth, the plot is old-fashioned but the character setting is interesting, the setting of the old man and the royal sister is really interesting, and the diversity of the whole drama is enriched . Compared to Sister Yu, I think the old men are really cute and interesting.

  • Clare 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I haven't seen "Criminal End", but I can. More old-fashioned American drama, it is a good filler when there is no drama to watch.