Man Seeking Woman movie plot

2022-10-22 20:35
This surreal show offers a humorous, "naive" look at the dating lives of today's young people, especially those in New York City - it's a mix of ups and downs. The so-called "surrealism" refers to the show's view of falling in love as a matter of "life-and-death stakes". The project is based on the bestselling book "The Last Girlfriend On Earth" written by Simon Rich, who is the showrunner himself. At just 28 years old, Simon Rich became one of the youngest series creators in Hollywood history.
The protagonist Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) is a young man full of romanticism but too naive. When his long-term girlfriend abandons him, he is determined to find love again - but it is tantamount to a new experience for him. a nightmare. One night stands, painful breakups, flash blind dates, time travel, sex aliens, many deaths.even a Japanese phallus monster named "Tanaka".
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Man Seeking Woman quotes

  • Liz: Joshua, want to have a little "look at yourself" moment?

    Josh Greenberg: No. No.

    Liz: Do you go to the gym?

    Josh Greenberg: No.

    Liz: Do you have a job?

    Josh Greenberg: I-I-I... I'm a temp.

    Liz: Okay. Well, how does that sound to a lady?

    Josh Greenberg: If she's a temp, she'll like it.

  • Josh Greenberg: What happened?

    Bartender: I slipped on your dick, then it flew in the air and I landed on my back and I guess my mouth was open because it fell right in my mouth! And then I spat it out and well, long story short... it's in the toilet.

    Josh Greenberg: It's in the toilet...? Oh man, can you please fish it out for me?

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