Mangal Pandey behind the scenes gags

2022-04-12 08:01
Aishwarya Rai was originally set to play the role of Jwala but withdrew at the last minute due to contract issues and the role was given to Ameesha Patel
Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor acted as a reporter for some of the shoots while visiting the scene
Aamir Khan grows his beard for the movie because he doesn't like wigs
Amir watched the BBC channel's game show "Question"
Time India" decided to sign actor Ameesha Patel. He was impressed by her intelligence
Hugh Jackman turned down the role of Captain William Gordon
Kiron Kher initially turned down the role of Noor Bibi for a number of reasons, then the producers signed Maya Krishna Rao and started filming, however both the director and star Amir were not satisfied with her performance, so they approached Kiron Kher again and finally she played the role
Keira Knightley was considered for the role of Emily Kent
Locarno International Film Festival 's first opening film from The Republic of India
The director wanted to make this movie in 1988, and the male lead was conceived as Amitabhqiang
As part of the campaign, dairy company AMUL did some special posters featuring their little girl logo in The Republic of India uniform with a long fake beard, titled "MAKHAN AAN DE: THE SLICING. " Ps the movie title is "Mangal Pandey: The Rising"
After Aishwarya Rai rejected the role of jwala, Rani received the script to be selected as jwala, but rani liked the role of heera so he asked if he could play heera, this role was very inconspicuous at the time, so The script was changed to give her character more lines
The director took two years to complete the film, as the production process required thorough research
When the crew was bored during filming, Amir often used the microphone to entertain the crew, especially performing the song "Aati Kya Khandala" and the popular TV commercial where he starred as a Nepalese tour guide
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  • Junior 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    The great thing about this work is that it gets rid of the stereotypes. We can see the brutal British rulers, but also the British officers with a sense of justice. We can see the suffering of India as a victim, and also see To the ugliness of India as a backward country, slavery, caste system, widow burial system, and the struggle and disunity between various religions and native states, this is not only a film that promotes nationalism, but also a film with a distinctive since

  • Mallory 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    In the picture of Indian society in the 17th century, as the invaders, the British were not all bad people, and while Amir praised the resistance, he also lashed out at the bad habits of the Indian society, such as sacrifice and caste system (as the colonized everyone is a Untouchables), every drama is exposing the nation's scars in hopes of society's improvement.

Mangal Pandey quotes

  • [Pandey marches in front of a cannon. The soldiers loading it look at him in shock]

    Mangal Pandey: Fire!

  • Mangal Pandey: I am Hindustan.

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