Mangal Pandey movie plot

2022-04-12 08:01
The background of "The Rising" is The Republic of India during the British colonial era in 1857. A squad leader of The Republic of India Corps named Mangal Pandey was dissatisfied with the British East India Company 's persecution of The Republic of India at that time. Indian civilians and disrespectful religious Faith , led a company of The Republic of India soldiers to revolt against the violence. The single-minded revolution ultimately failed, and Mangkabandi was also sentenced to capital punishment, but since then the determination of the people of The Republic of India to fight for independence has been set off. After 90 years of turmoil, the British East India Company finally withdrew from the land of The Republic of India, and The Republic of India became independent. Mangkabandi is a real historical figure, the independence of The Republic of India, he was the first forerunner and is regarded as the national hero of The Republic of India. 
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Mangal Pandey quotes

  • Jwala: My name is Jwala...

  • Captain William Gordon: If you kill this man, Mangal Pandey, it will lead to the fall of this company!

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