Manhattan movie plot

2022-07-17 13:05
The story background of the play is Los Alamos , a city located in northern New Mexico, USA in the 1940s . This small city with a population of only 10,000 is famous for having the world's first atomic energy research center, where the United States has successfully developed a The world's first atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb . 
The protagonist of the story is a group of scientists devoted to this weapons research - they are brilliant, but also full of flaws. In addition to a race against time, they struggle to find a balance between secrets, lies, and the fragile family ties behind them. They work day and night in Los Alamos, working on super weapons of destruction, and they're under pressure from work as well as pressure from their families. For these people, it's a world of secrets and lies, and every aspect of their lives is illusory. 
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