Masters of Horror movie plot

2022-06-27 19:54
A single episode of 13 small episodes of nearly 1 hour, Phantom Phantom, grotesque and weird. An underground oily object that seems to have life, a terrifying old man who is disguised as his own family is dissolved by strong acid, a lonely vampire who executes a brutal punishment, a man with an extremely acute hearing but troubled, a young girl who is pregnant with the blood of the devil, all over the country. The crazy screwfly of all men, the screaming ice cream ghost with the seeds of revenge in its heart, the cannibal-born father of the founding father Washington, the dark secrets of horror writer Edgar Allan Poe, and the wraith wandering in the dinghy in the middle of the high seas.
Whimsical, bizarre, and cult stories alternately staged.
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Masters of Horror quotes

  • Walker: [first lines to a run over rattler] You're not done yet!

  • Jim Wheeler: [to a bound captive] I never get involved in another man's work.

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