Memoir of a Murderer evaluation action

2022-07-22 17:55
On the train track in front of the quiet Snow Mountain Tunnel, a man stood blankly, half of his face convulsed. His eyes are full of confusion, this is a serial killer with Alzheimer's disease. The mysterious face featured in the first act of the film is arguably the most memorable scene in the film, and Sol Kyung-gu doesn't rely on makeup, so the film doesn't have the visual feel of a horror movie. In this film, the fragments of truth and lies are connected to each other, making the plot progressive, compact and tense, and the thriller plot designed by director Shinyeon Yuan does not feel tedious and boring in the process of unfolding. Sol Kyung-gu's grasp of the plot is also very sophisticated, making the story even more engaging   .
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Memoir of a Murderer quotes

  • Byung-su: Are you suspecting me?

  • Byung-su: Eun-hee says I don't exhibit any emotion. However, I do react to humour. Timing is the only problem.

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