Memoir of a Murderer movie plot

2022-07-22 23:03
Kim Byung- sooa former chain killer, is now an Alzheimer's patient. In an accidental accident, he meets the man Min Tae Jooand finds that he has the same eyes as his own. Kim Byung-soo's intuition told him that Min Tae-joo was also a murderer. Kim Bing-soo planned to go to the police station to report Min Tae-joo, but found that Min Tae-joo was a member of the police station, and no one believed Kim Bing-soo's words. Min Tae Joo has been clinging to Kim Byung-soo's daughter , Kim Eun-hee, who realizes the danger and intends to catch Min Tae-joo alone to prevent him from attacking her daughter. However, even if he recorded all the clues by himself, he always lost his memory because of his illness. In the continuous recording, Kim Byung-soo's own killing habit was awakened   .
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Memoir of a Murderer quotes

  • Byung-su: My head is dying.

  • Tae-ju: No harm done so you can go your way.

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