Vengeance: A Love Story movie plot

2022-07-19 19:19
Tina (Anna Hutchison) and her twelve-year-old daughter Beth (Talitha Bateman) were walking home at midnight when they met a group of thugs who raped them. With Tina, Beth, as a witness, kept the faces of the perpetrators firmly in his heart. In court, Beth identified the murderer in court. However, the defendant found a lawyer who had no moral bottom line and was eloquent. They joined forces to frame Tina, confounding right and wrong, and the judge just wanted to calm things down.
John (Nicolas Cage) is an old police officer who has worked for many years. Although he looks good on the surface, he is actually experiencing a midlife crisis in his life. Tina's case inspires a long-suffering sense of justice within Johan, who decides to step up to help the poor mother and daughter   .
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