The Law of Vacant Places movie plot

2022-07-19 23:15
Emmett Stasiand Ray Stasiare twin brothers with very different fates. Brother Emmett is very rich and is the local "parking tycoon". And his younger brother Lei is a penniless parole officer, and his middle-aged life is embarrassing. Lei always thought that it was his brother who occupied his father's set of sky-high stamps by himself, so he came to negotiate with his brother in order to get the stamps back. And the reason Ray comes to his brother Emmett for stamps is because of a woman parolee Nicky Swango. As a parole officer, Lei not only fell in love with his parole prisoner, but also talked about marriage seriously. He came to his brother to ask for stamps to buy a ring for his girlfriend, but this woman is both a gambler and a bridge master. And the character is quite domineering, firmly controlling Lei. Emmett rejected his brother, so Ray began to seek other means. He found a convict who was paroled in the past and instructed him to steal the stamps back for himself, but the stupid thief touched the wrong door. He sneaked into the home of an old man who lived alone one night, stole an ordinary stamp, and took the old man killed. And this old man is the adoptive father of policewoman Gloria. As a result, this peaceful town is about to set off a bloody storm   .
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The Law of Vacant Places quotes

  • Emmit Stussy: [Repeated] Clicks and buzzers.

  • Nikki Swango: You're the hand and I'm the glove.

    Ray Stussy: You're the bottle and I'm the beer.

    Nikki Swango: Or the beer and the glass in my case.

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