The Haunting of Molly Hartley evaluation action

2022-05-17 17:54
"The Haunting Of Molly Hartley", which tried to snipe Halloween, only received $6.01 million in opening data in 2,652 theaters, becoming another loser who wanted to challenge "The Saw" in the Halloween schedule. Even if the cost is not high, it cannot be an excuse for box office failure. Although the film is a standard horror routine, the story is stupid and deliberately sad, and every step of the plot can be expected. Stories are not stories, and acting is not like acting, like the footbindings of second-rate ghost films out of touch with the times. So that people doubt whether this is a horror movie or a school comedy. And the main media rarely even said anything about the young starring from TV, which also cast a shadow over the transformation of Haley Loraine Keeling .)   
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    It seems that there are quite a lot of dead movies of youth idols in the United States under the banner of thriller films. It's been a long time to make a list.

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The Haunting of Molly Hartley quotes

  • Robert Hartley: I didn't believe.

    Dr. Emerson: We gave you exactly what you wanted.

    Robert Hartley: Then take me! It was my mistake. Take me!

    Molly Hartley: [kneel down and prays for her sins] God, forgive me. I-I have sinned. I renounce Satan and all of his...

    Dr. Emerson: [cuts Molly off] What can God offer you? We've given you everything, you very life. And now you have great power ahead of you.

    Molly Hartley: I don't want it!

    Dr. Emerson: You will.

    Molly Hartley: God always gives us a choice.

    Dr. Emerson: Is that what you think? God gives you a choice? Your parents determined your fate. They turned their back on God. They made a pact.

    [Dr. Emerson sets the carving knife down in front of Molly]

    Dr. Emerson: Maybe if you kill your father, the pact will be dissolved.

    Molly Hartley: What?

    Dr. Emerson: Of course, I can't offer that choice. But... maybe God can.

  • Doctor: [a possessed Molly abandons her father in a Looney Bin]

    [taken aback]

    Doctor: But he's your father!

    Molly Hartley: [bluntly] Not Anymore!

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