The drama that fell from the altar. . .

Astrid 2022-10-31 04:20:08

This third season can really be said to be a continuation of the dog's tail. . . All kinds of unreasonable. What's up with that bizarre bowling alley? What happened to the Hebrew cat with the cat? Can you explain that Yuri whose ears were cut off? What is the situation when the bowling alley sends a car for no reason? The vm is full of rotten teeth and overwhelmed, and still reads poems everywhere. In the end, are you going to tell me the god horse? Nikki, the heroine, has no sense of existence in front of her. She thinks that she is a female criminal who hooked up with a parole officer in order to reduce her sentence. I didn't expect her love to be so hidden behind her? ! After being beaten up in the back, did you get through the second vein of Ren Du? The IQ, physical fitness, personality, and combat effectiveness are fully launched, opening the perspective of God and somehow escaping the pursuit. After a few years, with the strength of two people (one of them is a deaf man who has just met with an unknown source of combat power and has exploded on the list... I don't even know where to start complaining...) brought down the vm gang. . . It's a pity that in the end, my IQ showed a lower limit. I had to pretend to be B to read the poem. I won't shoot until the poem is finished. . . Then the dog took it. . .
After watching this season, my spit heart that has nowhere to put has a new spit capital. . .

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The Law of Vacant Places quotes

  • Nikki Swango: You're the hand and I'm the glove.

    Ray Stussy: You're the bottle and I'm the beer.

    Nikki Swango: Or the beer and the glass in my case.

  • Ray Stussy: Hey! Dickhead!

    Maurice LeFay: Huh?

    Ray Stussy: I gotta place, turns out a place that needs some robbing. A little robbing, not wholesale burglary, just a specific... Just looking for a certain item. And if you do it... well let's just say... your little problem goes up in smoke.

    Maurice LeFay: What are we talking about?

    Ray Stussy: A stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: A stamp?... Like a... postage stamp?

    Ray Stussy: Yeah.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool... Cool... So I mean, I know I'm the moron but...

    Ray Stussy: It's not that kind of stamp numb nuts... It's a vintage stamp, it's got you know... sentimental value for me... It's my stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: Your stamp.

    Ray Stussy: But it's, you know, at someone else's house temporarily.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool, cool... So why not just ask for it back?

    Ray Stussy: Well it's, you know, complicated... Just get the damn stamp.