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Lois 2022-07-19 22:35:16

The narrative technique of this season is still unique and novel, and I especially like the episode that compares science fiction stories with reality. It feels like a science fiction movie.

But the overall storyline is still weak. The villain, Vargo, is just like the previous villain, full of great truths. The criminal method of money laundering is not as direct as gang forces or professional killers, and hacking technology is completely embellished.

Times are falling, and even the bad guys don't want to make progress.

The test of the open ending is probably the audience's trust in the world. Whether the bad guys will be punished or not is not a world that can be concluded with hard evidence.

What's interesting is Gloria, who at first felt a lot like the fat temperature of Dongcheng. The middle-aged crisis had a rough life, and when she encountered a case, she wanted to grasp it but hit a wall everywhere. Thought it would lead to feminist thinking, Gloria was betrayed in her family life (perhaps her husband was not gay and deliberately cheated on marriage, but only accidentally discovered her sexual orientation, but it still caused her harm); she was despised in the workplace, and her male boss was arrogant Complacency, using ranks to overwhelm people at every turn. It was the girls who helped her get out of this difficult situation. A sanitary napkin friendship is deeper than all of the above!

And swango has always been evaluated by all kinds of men only for her figure and beauty, and only her Ray accompanies her in the bridge game she loves. Among the strangers, only Gloria cared about her and asked her what she liked to eat. This was probably the warm treatment she had never received. So she is willing to trust Gloria, leave Gloria's contact information when she sends the evidence, and is more willing to avenge Ray at the cost of her life.

It's a pity that in the end, I put my foothold in the search and pursuit of myself. Gloria has changed from "little transparent" to a member of the Department of Homeland Security. This theme is also very meaningful, but it seems to be only a shallow taste.

In short, all the thoughts that I want to express this season give people a feeling that they have just tasted it, and they want to dig deep but can't find anything... Let's take it as entertainment!

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The Law of Vacant Places quotes

  • Nikki Swango: You're the hand and I'm the glove.

    Ray Stussy: You're the bottle and I'm the beer.

    Nikki Swango: Or the beer and the glass in my case.

  • Ray Stussy: Hey! Dickhead!

    Maurice LeFay: Huh?

    Ray Stussy: I gotta place, turns out a place that needs some robbing. A little robbing, not wholesale burglary, just a specific... Just looking for a certain item. And if you do it... well let's just say... your little problem goes up in smoke.

    Maurice LeFay: What are we talking about?

    Ray Stussy: A stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: A stamp?... Like a... postage stamp?

    Ray Stussy: Yeah.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool... Cool... So I mean, I know I'm the moron but...

    Ray Stussy: It's not that kind of stamp numb nuts... It's a vintage stamp, it's got you know... sentimental value for me... It's my stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: Your stamp.

    Ray Stussy: But it's, you know, at someone else's house temporarily.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool, cool... So why not just ask for it back?

    Ray Stussy: Well it's, you know, complicated... Just get the damn stamp.