most mediocre season

Terence 2022-11-06 01:07:36

Haven't you noticed that the characters' words have changed?
The black climaxes that were carefully paved with silence disappeared, and along with those delicate silences, there was the cynical temperament of the cold colors of the first two seasons. That's the meaning and value of this show.
The humour is gone too, every time I count on the German and his two thugs to bring some laughs, but every time I am disappointed, not to mention brothers Ray and Emitt, and the other supporting characters, none of them have a sense of humor.
family feud is not sexy, the plots where my family framed each other, such as the sex tape scandal of Ray pretending to be Emitt, always reminded me of the ripping plot of domestic dramas.

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The Law of Vacant Places quotes

  • Nikki Swango: You're the hand and I'm the glove.

    Ray Stussy: You're the bottle and I'm the beer.

    Nikki Swango: Or the beer and the glass in my case.

  • Ray Stussy: Hey! Dickhead!

    Maurice LeFay: Huh?

    Ray Stussy: I gotta place, turns out a place that needs some robbing. A little robbing, not wholesale burglary, just a specific... Just looking for a certain item. And if you do it... well let's just say... your little problem goes up in smoke.

    Maurice LeFay: What are we talking about?

    Ray Stussy: A stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: A stamp?... Like a... postage stamp?

    Ray Stussy: Yeah.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool... Cool... So I mean, I know I'm the moron but...

    Ray Stussy: It's not that kind of stamp numb nuts... It's a vintage stamp, it's got you know... sentimental value for me... It's my stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: Your stamp.

    Ray Stussy: But it's, you know, at someone else's house temporarily.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool, cool... So why not just ask for it back?

    Ray Stussy: Well it's, you know, complicated... Just get the damn stamp.