Monkey King: Hero Is Back Sage

2022-03-08 08:01
Director Tian Xiaopeng wanted to use his voice to reproduce the excitement of watching " The Monkey King " in his childhood, so he asked Huang Yinghua to talk about music creation. The reason why Huang Yinghua was chosen is because the film music Huang Yinghua made for Zhou Xingchi, especially when the characters appeared, made Tian Xiaopeng intuition that this was the way he wanted to appear as Monkey King. In terms of music creation, Huang Yinghua created according to the characters created by the characters in the film:
Because Great Sage Monkey King experienced The Monkey King and was held under the Five Elements Mountain for five hundred years. From the former God of War who lost his mana, was indifferent and arrogant but could not let go of his chivalrous feelings, he was moved bit by bit by Liu'er and gradually became a A warm father figure finally returned to become a real hero, so Huang Yinghua's music in Monkey King was a reference to the appearance of the Western movie Lonely Cowboy, cool and mysterious, with a whistle; in addition, he also designed a male The bass chanting wants to amplify the loneliness and vicissitudes of his heart. In the later stage, the voice will become warmer and the feelings will become more and more full.
The music of Liuer's appearance, Huang Yinghua, used clarinet and oboe, because these bright voices are particularly childlike; "Emperor Land" used some high-pitched flutes, which felt very naughty.
Zhu Bajie felt that he was still Marshal Tianpeng in his heart, but he looked like a fat pig, so Huang Yinghua used some bass impromptu arias to express his funny and helpless; A little bit of Japanese "Noh" elements were added to the aria, which sounded a little gloomy and weird. In the final performance, when the mountain demon appeared, some Chinese drums were used, but later they were replaced by Japanese "taiko", because it was considered that the Taiko was originally used in the exorcism ceremony. 
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  • Margaretta 2022-03-18 09:01:09

    Surprisingly beautiful! ! ! The production is well-made, there are small details that make people's eyes shine, the laughing points are quite densely arranged, and a lot of thought has been spent on the bgm of folk music with strong local flavor. Teacher Tong Zirong has a short singing voice that is also a beautiful cry... The point is that the plot is true It's not bad! The original Kuiba was much weaker, and the plot could not support the typical setting...(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Support domestic animation!

  • Jana 2022-03-18 09:01:09

    I'm not selling my feelings, I'm doing animations sincerely, I can see that

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