Monkey King: Hero Is Back Creative Background

2022-03-08 08:01
In 1995, when director Tian Xiaopeng was in his third year, a friend copied him a copy of 3D production software, which changed his fate. He deleted all the games on the computer and began to focus on 3D animation. In 1997, he participated in the production of some episodes of CCTV's domestic cartoon "The Journey to the West". It was at that time that he cultivated the plot of the Great Sage and had a bold idea: to produce a series of three-dimensional animations. Animated The Journey to the West.
Tian Xiaopeng believes that in the eyes of modern people, some points in the original work of "The Journey to the West" cannot be understood, and some values ​​are also in conflict with modern people. Therefore, he decided to tell a different The Journey to the West, which is more in line with the values ​​and appreciation habits of modern people, and has magical characteristics, which will make the audience follow the growth of Monkey King and Liu’er (Tang Monk). footprints, convincingly understand their spiritual journey.
The whole film took 8 years of gestation and 3 years of production. The worldview of the film is based on the original novel "The Journey to the West", and it has been expanded and interpreted according to traditional Chinese myths.
Journey to the West has Heaven, Earth and Underworld. The mission from the heavenly world is to let the Tang monk go to the west to retrieve the scriptures, so as to benefit the world full of monsters. Wukong and Bajie are all monsters that are different from mortals, but they are different from other monsters. They once entered the immortal sequence of the heavenly court, but they were demoted to the human world one after another because they violated the rules of the heavenly court. Because of the same mission, they were intertwined with the growth of Tang Monk, from being strangers to each other, alienating each other, escaping each other, and even becoming enemies at one time. It was not until the tenth generation of Tang Seng that they were determined to protect Tang Seng from going to the West. Tang monks experienced different life experiences or identities before they became well-known monks. Every time he experiences a death, he forgets everything, reincarnates in a new time and space, and begins another journey on earth with a mortal body and extraordinary love. In this work, the story is set in the first world of the tenth reincarnation of Tang monks.
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  • Jana 2022-03-18 09:01:09

    I'm not selling my feelings, I'm doing animations sincerely, I can see that

  • Catalina 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    More than I expected! want! good! Look! The picture is beautiful enough and the fighting is smooth enough, the plot is not complicated, the laughter and tears are full of laughter, the great sage is handsome in 360 degrees without dead ends, no matter how painful it is, it can't be known to the little kid. As soon as the music played, I immediately lit up!

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