Beginnings and Endings movie plot

2022-04-18 08:01
After the end of the first season, the truth of time travel gradually emerged. From 1888 to 2053, the protagonist (using Xiaobai for the sake of memory) and other friends traveled through time and space, and met their future self and other people in the future. (Old Xiaobai) wants to destroy the world and break the cycle, but one party wants to follow the world and let the cycle continue, (and it is still an ethical blockbuster), the growth process of everyone will be revealed. The time is divided into six timelines: 1888, 1921, 1953, 1986, 2019 and 2053, showing the time view and causality theory of the play (for example, after receiving the news that my father will die today, I want to save it father, and ended up accidentally killing his father). Mainly the plot of the nuclear power plant, the plot of the time machine (the protagonist), the plot of the missing child (the villain (?), and at the end of the second season it was discovered that there is not only one world. The time here begins to show non-linear characteristics. , those missing children did not really disappear, but traveled to another time. They grew up slowly in another time dimension, and everything began to change unpredictably   . 
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  • Josue 2022-04-22 07:02:01

    The motives of the emotional line always feel unclear. The screenwriter actually knows the allusions of "Zhuang Zhou dreaming of a butterfly" and "Blind man touching an elephant", which is interesting.

  • Syble 2022-04-22 07:02:01

    The title of the play should be "I want to watch the third season" I really want to watch the third season

Beginnings and Endings quotes

  • Investigator Clausen: Expectations lead to disappointment. "Have hope," my mother used to say, "not expectations. You might just be surprised, but not disappointed."

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