The Turning evaluation action

2022-06-30 11:25
"The Turning" received extremely poor audience reputation, and received the lowest "F" in the CinemaScore survey, becoming the second film to receive such a bad review in less than a month after "The New Grudge", and it was also the beginning of CS. The 21st film to receive an "F" since the survey   .
"The Turning" was also criticized by the media. Only 13% of the 60 media included in Rotten Tomatoes gave it a good rating, with an average score of only 3.67/10   . The average score of 24 media included in the review site MetaCritic is only 35   .
The review pointed out: "The atmosphere and mood of the film are disturbing, the excellent starring lineup is wasted, and the clumsiness of the director's skills makes the audience miserable"   .
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The Turning quotes

  • Mrs. Grose: Flora leaves her dolls lying around everywhere. Don't be surprised if you find a mermaid in your toilet.

  • Kate Mandell: It's so quiet.

    Mrs. Grose: All the best to hear you when you get lost.

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