Mere Brother Ki Dulhan movie plot

2022-07-18 13:31
This is a romantic comedy that takes place in a middle-class Indian family. Kush is busy finding a qualified Indian wife for his brother Luv in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland . Under his many searches, he met all kinds of crazy young girls, until he met the "perfect" girl - Dimple. With the help of Kush, the parents of the two sides met and talked very happily. The marriage was also confirmed. Kush started planning the wedding again, and everything seemed to be going well. Until Kush found out that he had unknowingly fallen in love with this smart Indian girl, his brother's fiancée. Then, a series of ridiculous comedy plots happened between the two brothers and the girl.
Film director Kush (Imran Khan) flew back to India from London to find a suitable marriage partner at the request of his brother Bai Saibo (Ali Zafar). However, the blind date meeting again and again not only failed to let him find a good mate for his brother, but instead encountered a series of strange things. In desperation, Kush published a large-scale marriage advertisement for Bai Saibo in the newspaper. When he was agitated by various calls and harassment, he finally received a very agreeable call. With Kush's efforts, the two families met at the woman's house, and a hit-and-run marriage was immediately put on the agenda. However, what he didn't expect was that the girl on the blind date turned out to be a sexy and rebellious girl with small dimples that he met in college (Caterley). Played by Katrina Kaif). In the days leading up to the wedding, Kush took the place of his brother in London to accompany Little Dimple to prepare for the operation. Getting along day and night made the two men and women who had a good impression of each other in their early years gradually fell in love with each other. So they decided to find Bai Saibo's ex-girlfriend Pi Yali, who was still in love with him, to play an elopement romantic comedy. 
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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan quotes

  • Kush Agnihotri: You're amazing, Dimple. First you endanger my life, then you ask me to say thank you.

  • Shobit: You know, beer is the only thing in the world which makes your weariness disappear in a split second.

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