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2022-03-31 08:01
The "shark fin" on Mount Meru in northern India is a holy grail for professional rock climbers as it offers nearly every possible challenge, requiring heavy equipment to be towed to over 20,000 feet to tackle obstacles, however, no Sherpas would sign up for Meru as they would on Everest. People have tried it countless times, but each time it doesn't make it to the top. It was an irresistible temptation for Conrad Anker, the middle-aged climber who broke a promise to his wife Jenny, the widow of his late climbing partner Alex Lowe, that he A major high-risk expedition has been completed. He assembled two young men into teammates: Jimmy Chin, with whom he often climbed the mountain; and another American, Rainer Ostock, whose climbing feats caught Anker's attention.
3 professional climbers left everything behind when they experienced sadness, only with friendship, they went to the "shark fin" in the mountaineering world, Meru Peak, which has never been successfully summited. The natural environment here is very harsh, and it is very difficult to climb. Because it is covered with ice and snow, it is very slippery. It is necessary to slow down, but if the speed is slowed down, the food supply will not be able to keep up. They carry cumbersome shooting equipment, and they are ready to meet the sudden blizzard and the unpredictable weather in the mountains during the climbing process. They use the equipment skillfully, unite, help each other during the climbing process, and deal with the cold and unexpected situations. challenge the limit. In the end, they overcame their own and external obstacles to reach the summit   .
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  • Anker, Conrad: The center of the universe is unattainable.

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