Metropia movie plot

2022-07-12 21:31
In the not-too-distant year of 2024, human society is in crisis. The earth's energy sources are running out, and the world economy is beginning to collapse. The Trexx Group connects the subways into a huge network called Metro. In this figurative world of the Internet, people hid in the ground, hustling and working like worker ants, with no desires or desires. Roger ( Vincent Gallo Vincent Gallo) is a telephone receptionist who seems too withdrawn compared to the others. When people are used to the subway life, only Rogge rides a bicycle to get off work every day, shuttles through the polluted and dilapidated city streets, lonely and helpless. Until one morning, Rogge's bike was destroyed and he had to take the subway to work. An amazing experience begins.
Roger is a very ordinary unemployed person. He is unwilling to live underground and still has difficulty living on the ground. But he used a new type of shampoo that completely changed his life. This shampoo is a new product of the underground alliance group. The ingredients of the shampoo can penetrate the user's brain waves when washing their hair, so as to use the brain waves. Radio waves carry out all-round monitoring and control of people. The voice that Roger heard in his head was the voice of a surveillance officer. He didn't want to continue this shameful deed and decided to tell Roger the truth. Later, it was revealed and killed by the group, but Nina helped Roger to replace the surveillance. When the personnel were vacant, Roger sneaked into the surveillance group, and when the group was about to sell the technology to all parts of the world, he used the bomb given by Nina to kill the top person. In the end, Nina became the new head of the group, Roger went through this bizarre life and death experience and returned to his difficult life on earth, while the whole world was still under a huge network surveillance.
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Metropia quotes

  • Nina: [Introducing the gathered prominences at the financial report party for Roger Olofsson] Joseph Kemp, more vain than a sixteen year old girl, yuck, Cardinal of The Church of Climate. He's the guru for all the retarded climatologists.

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