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2022-04-07 08:01
The film continues the style of director Mamoru Hosoda's highly appropriate fantasy and science fiction works, and plays the most vividly in the transition process and adventure segments of the journey. How crowded places frighten ignorant children. The visual effects of the film are very successful, for example, there are many bird's-eye views in the title and story, and the details are very realistic and very attractive. The animation technology is also very good. In the film, Mamoru Hosoda accurately grasps the alternation and difference between reality and fantasy world, and the part that travels through reality is full of the childish imagination of the little boy. He patiently lays out the topics to be learned in life in a language that children can understand. An animated film that will resonate with parents and children alike   .
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  • Jasmin 2022-04-14 09:01:06

    6/10. Before entering the magic moment, various family disputes lacked the progressive relationship of the plot, relying on small life events, such as Xiaojun's love for tram toys, accidentally discovering that his breath was exhaling a mist on the window, these small events did not serve As the plot progresses, it's mediocre and boring. The home in the film is the dining room, the kitchen and the living room are one piece, and the front hall is divided into another layered structure. The family-like oak tree is planted in the central courtyard to serve as a guide for time and space travel, which is more conducive to the omission of time and space for the continuity of the shots, such as expressing the future. The Xiaojun and the future went to replace the dolls for the daughter's festival without telling their father, and moved from the starting room to the lower one at the bottom of the stairs, but such a lens design is commonplace. The play guides the protagonist to see the real life through the people who pass through, like Xiaojun's loss of favor and the encounter with his young mother in the rain echoes (Xiaojun learned how to put a note in high heels to express his wishes), Xiaojun rides a motorcycle with his great-grandfather Carrying the fear of breaking through cycling, there is a hag among the passers-by mothers with big eyes when they get lost in the subway battle. The great-grandfather's left leg was shot and the red hand scar in the future enhances the richness of children's fantasy.

  • Mina 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    The future is called the future, the protagonist is the current Xiaojun, and it is about the growth of the family in the past. There are oak trees in the courtyard, which are rooted in the ground and grow towards the sky. One courtyard opens up time and space, and a whole family history spreads branches and leaves. The greenery is full of greenery, which supports each other under photosynthesis. Fantastic like a witch's face appearing in daily life, gentle like stroking her hair and whispering comfort.

Mirai quotes

  • Mirai: You did it again. You tried to hit me with your bullet train even after Mom told you not to.

    Kun: But it wasn't a bullet train!

    Mirai: You aren't supposed to use a bullet train to hit people.

    Kun: It was a Super Azusa.

    Mirai: [angrily] I don't care what kind it was!


    Mirai: And why can't you be a little nicer to Mom?

    Kun: I don't know, I just can't.

    Mirai: It's her one day off from work. She doesn't get many and she has to spend it fighting with you. Come on, try.

    Kun: [sniffling] I know... I'm not cute.

    Mirai: Huh?

    Kun: [crying, wipes tear from his eye] Both Baby Mirai and Yukio are really cute. Not me. I know I'm not that cute anymore.

    [continues sobbing]

    Mirai: Oh come on, that's not true. You're very cute!

    Kun: [walking away]

    Mirai: You're the cutest! Adorable!

    Kun: [crying harder; runs away]

  • Kun (High Schooler): [off-screen] That's just awful. Yep, a complete wreck. I'm talking about your attitude. Boy, does it stink.

    Kun: [looks inside train station, sees a high schooler sitting inside] Hello?

    Kun (High Schooler): You're supposed to go camping, am I right? Catch bugs, watch fireworks, all that stuff. And you guys will be staying at your grandparents' place. It's the summer you've all been looking forward to. Think of all the happy memories you could be making together. But instead you don't wanna go. Why is that?

    Kun: Uh... how do you know? Who are you?

    Kun (High Schooler): What's more important, the color of your pants or your memories? Well, it's your choice. Just go home and say you're sorry already.

    Kun: NO. I do NOT like them.

    Kun (High Schooler): What?

    Kun: [referring to his pants] AND I WILL NOT WEAR THEM!

    Kun (High Schooler): [getting annoyed] No, you do not not like them.

    Kun: [as a train appears] No, I don't not not like them!

    Kun (High Schooler): No, you do not not not not like them!

    Kun: Yes, I do NOT not not not like them!

    Kun (High Schooler): NO! You do *not* not not not not not like them!

    [train pulls into the station. Doors open]

    Kun (High Schooler): Don't get on!

    Kun: Uh...?

    [looks back in hesitation]

    Kun (High Schooler): Stop! Don't get on, 'kay?

    [whistle blows. Kun glowers at high schooler and bounds for train]

    Kun (High Schooler): No! Wait! Wait!

    Kun: [glowers at boy as the train pulls away]

    Kun (High Schooler): [gazing after it in disappointment] Little brat.

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