Mirai behind the scenes gags

2022-04-07 08:01
  • "Future" is the name of the sister's character in the film, and the director's daughter is also called this name   .
  • The male protagonist is set as a 4-year-old boy because Mamoru Hosoda's son was only 4 years old when he conceived the story. In his view, age 4 is the age where seriousness meets hedonism   .
  • Moka Kamishiraishi was supposed to audition for the role of "Future," but ended up as the voice of a 4-year-old boy in the film. To this end, at the age of 18, she went to kindergarten to experience life   .
  • Since 2017, Mamoru Hosoda has been casting for the important character "Youth" in the story, but it is difficult to find a suitable seiyuu. At the beginning of 2018, Mamoru Hosoda reunited with his friend Masaharu Fukuyama and found that Masaharu Fukuyama fits the character very well, so he asked He dubs the character   .
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Extended Reading
  • Aaliyah 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    D / Although the setting of time-travel can still poke me (every time...), but the overall atmosphere is still very pretentious. There are serious and big truths that can’t be called metaphors on the table, but it is still incomplete and conservative to give the specific spiritual power of beliefs. On the contrary, in the glimpses of the past, I feel a little bit of historical cover that the creator may be unconscious. Where does the courage to face the future go to regain it?

  • Hans 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    Watching animations on the IMAX screen is really cool; but Mamoru Hosoda is really boring this time. PS. The architect's settings are really detailed. This house is what the architect would design. The CAD and 3d Max on the computer screen are very detailed, and the books on the bookshelf are also very realistic. One page is still Venturi's mother's house

Mirai quotes

  • Father: This is your baby sister, Kun.

    Kun: Sister?

    Mother: Isn't she precious?

    Kun: [gasping in amazement] She is.

    [pokes his finger against her delicate hand]

    Mother: You have to be gentle with her.

    Kun: [gently takes hold of the baby's hand; she opens her eyes]

    Father: She's awake. I think she's staring at you, Kun.

    Mother: Come on, her eyes can't even focus yet.

    Father: Well she sure looks like she's staring to me.

    Mother: You must always be nice to her, okay?

    Kun: Okay.

    Mother: And you have to protect her no matter what.

    Kun: Yeah.

    Mother: Always.

  • Mirai: You did it again. You tried to hit me with your bullet train even after Mom told you not to.

    Kun: But it wasn't a bullet train!

    Mirai: You aren't supposed to use a bullet train to hit people.

    Kun: It was a Super Azusa.

    Mirai: [angrily] I don't care what kind it was!


    Mirai: And why can't you be a little nicer to Mom?

    Kun: I don't know, I just can't.

    Mirai: It's her one day off from work. She doesn't get many and she has to spend it fighting with you. Come on, try.

    Kun: [sniffling] I know... I'm not cute.

    Mirai: Huh?

    Kun: [crying, wipes tear from his eye] Both Baby Mirai and Yukio are really cute. Not me. I know I'm not that cute anymore.

    [continues sobbing]

    Mirai: Oh come on, that's not true. You're very cute!

    Kun: [walking away]

    Mirai: You're the cutest! Adorable!

    Kun: [crying harder; runs away]

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