Two Brothers movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
In the French colony of Indochina in the 1920s, the infamous British hunter Aidan McClaryhunted for ivory for a living, but he discovers a tiger family during a hunting operation, which makes them difficult for them. It was an unexpected gain. After killing the cubs Gomo and Sanha's father, the twins were separated by cruel fate despite the cub's mother making two attempts to rescue her cubs.
Gomo and Sanha, one shy and gentle, the other rough and fierce. After the separation, the fierce older brother Gomo was sold to the circus, where homesickness and life in a cage robbed Gomo of his spirit. The docile younger brother Sanha is in a better position, becoming the pet and playmate of the lonely son Rao Normandin intends to develop the nearby jungle into a tourist attraction, but this must be approved by his superiors, so the family sends Sanha to train as a "fighter" to compete in order to please his superiors.
When the two tigers grow up, they meet again, only this time they are no longer brothers but enemies. When Gomo and Sanha meet each other in the Colosseum, facing whips, sticks, guns Mouth, this pair of tiger brothers was not afraid of lewdness and resolutely stopped fighting. At that moment, the two pairs of tiger eyes looked at each other affectionately, the water was as soft as the water, the memories of childhood flashed back in their eyes, and the tears were shining. Finally, the two tigers escaped from the cage and returned to the jungle. But they posed a potential threat to the local village, and Normandin sent McCrary to kill them, but when McCrary saw the two tigers happily returning to their jungle, he relented. He couldn't start either, and he couldn't allow himself to complete the task, so he left Gomo and Sanha to their destiny and turned away   .
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  • Tristin 2022-03-20 09:03:10

    There are so many cruel realities hidden under the seemingly simple images. It strengthened my heart: most people are not as good as animals. Now in this world, how many animals are suffering from tragedies brought by human beings every moment, and how many are as lucky as this tiger family?

  • Elza 2022-03-21 09:03:30

    Hohoho~ Two very loving tigers! Brothers are king!

Two Brothers quotes

  • Aidan McRory: Where did you learn your English?

    Naï-Rea: His Excellency asked the Australian priests to open a school here to teach us languages.

    Aidan McRory: Well, I'm very impressed. What else did they teach you?

    Naï-Rea: To beware of white men.

  • Administrator Normandin: Bravo! As your excellency's father always said, "One shot, one kill." With you, it's pfft-bang! Straight as an arrow!

    His Excellency: Straight as your road through the sacred jungles of my ancestors.

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