Two Brothers evaluation action

2022-03-19 08:01
"Two Brothers" tells the story of two little tigers from exile to return to the forest, every step of their fate affects people's hearts. Director Jean Jacques Annaud used two cute tigers to continue the theme of man and nature in the movie "Bear", full of beauty and poetry. The film embodies the meticulous work of European films, and restores a colorful nature with a humanistic lens language. The strong Asian style also adds a bit of mystery to the film   .
"Two Brothers" is a film about animals and nature, friendship and family. Audiences who care and love animals will love this film. The animal special effects and editing of the film are beautiful and realistic. The film is an amazing, artistic and very pure film  
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  • Bernita 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Stupid, greedy and selfish humans, one day you will pay for it! Dogs suddenly become unlovable, and in a sense they are human accomplices! sigh... Silly dog! It is said that children should be naughty when they are young, otherwise they will make up for it when they grow up - watching these brothers feel - -!

  • Rudy 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    So, when you go to Cambodia, in addition to going to Angkor, you have to go to Beng Milie. 40 kilometers away from Angkor, it is more vicissitudes of life, covered by woods, and the doorpost corridor is also severely damaged. It is said that there is a small road, which can see different landscapes.

Two Brothers quotes

  • Aidan McRory: Where did you learn your English?

    Naï-Rea: His Excellency asked the Australian priests to open a school here to teach us languages.

    Aidan McRory: Well, I'm very impressed. What else did they teach you?

    Naï-Rea: To beware of white men.

  • Administrator Normandin: Bravo! As your excellency's father always said, "One shot, one kill." With you, it's pfft-bang! Straight as an arrow!

    His Excellency: Straight as your road through the sacred jungles of my ancestors.

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