Miranda movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
Miranda is a sitcom broadcast on BBC TWO in the United Kingdom. The series is based on the radio show, Miranda Hart's Joke Shop which is based on Miranda Hart's semi-autobiographical writing. Miranda is a constant let down to her mother and she finds it hard to fit in. Miranda runs a joke shop and employs her old friend Stevie. 
Episode 1
Miranda is an extremely tall 34-year-old girl. She's optimistic, big-hearted, has a mother who desperately wants to marry her, and runs a "funny shop" with her friend who likes to do business (though her friend is crazy about taking it to the world). She doesn't have a boyfriend, but she likes her best friend Gary. The relationship between the two is.well, more like buddies. Because Miranda always makes a fool of himself by hitting him. Like dancing and jumping, the pants fell down, revealing the panties; and when he was talking, he suddenly put a P. Miranda met Gary, who had returned from studying abroad, while celebrating with her former classmates. He works as a chef at the restaurant next door to her store!
Gary wants to ask Miranda to catch up with him. Miranda tries to dress up for the dinner, but accidentally runs into a transvestite clothing store. Just when Miranda was dressed like a transvestite, she was caught by Gary again. After dinner, there was a misunderstanding, but it seemed that Gary also showed a little interest in Miranda. The next day, Gary just happened to pass by the store when Miranda was instigated by the two friends who were trying on the wedding dress to wear an oversized wedding dress that was too ugly.
Episode 2
In this episode, Stevie, aka Miranda's crazy friend! ! ! Moved into Miranda's house. Miranda annoyed Gary because she didn't value Gary's food so much, but fortunately, the two of them agreed that they would be with each other if they didn't get married when they were 50 years old. It's a big happy event, but Gary doesn't seem to think that he's not married at 50. Stevie took Miranda to accompany her to the French class, but the French teacher turned out to be Miranda's French teacher when she was a child! What's more exaggerated is that Miss Stevie has a crush on him, so Miranda saw her "Dear Drop" French teacher at her house the next morning.
On the other hand, in order to catch Gary, Miranda came up with the idea of ​​going to Latin dance lessons with DGary. Needless to say, she screwed up again. It doesn't matter, our big sister is so "strong", she has come up with another way.
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