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2022-03-28 08:01
There is a border town where The French Republic and The Kingdom of Belgium meet. Life here is peaceful and simple. All of the government workers' tasks are to check the people entering and leaving the country and their belongings at customs. But in 1993, that peace was mercilessly broken. With the arrival of the European Union , the European Union announced internally that it would cancel all border checkpoints on its borders. The news was a "disaster" for Ruben and Matthias, who worked at the border checkpoint . Reuben, a native of The Kingdom of Belgium, was born with hatred and disapproval of all things The French Republic. He didn't like countries on the other side of the border at all. Matthias, a native of The French Republic, has worked on the frontier for many years and has a crush on Ruben's sister, Louise , who works at the chocolate shop . With the border checkpoints cancelled, it was inevitable that Ruben and Matthias would start patrolling together. At the same time, Matthias and Louise's romance gradually surfaced. Before the two people truly unite, their love has to go through a series of misunderstandings and anger tests. Of course, the biggest obstacle was Ruben, because the extreme nationalist always wanted his sister to marry a man from The Kingdom of Belgium. This is a farce "war", who will be the "winner" in the end? . 
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  • Thelma 2022-04-23 07:05:48

    Danny Byrne's comedies never disappoint, and in my opinion he's literally the epitome of French humor. With the theme of national discrimination, the film tells the ironic story of customs officers at the border between the two countries. It's a truly heartwarming comedy.

  • Tiffany 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    It feels quite comical, but the Chinese translation is really. . There is no logic, or there is such a big difference between French and Chinese.

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